New Report on Housing for Those With Disabilities in Allegheny County PA

Regional Housing Legal Services Associate Director, Rachel Blake and Staff Attorney, Kim Dolan, collaborated with ACTION-Housing, Inc. to prepare Housing Choice in Allegheny County, an analysis of housing options for individuals with disabilities.

The report analyzes current housing resources for the United Way of Allegheny County’s 21 and Able Initiative, which “creates a roadmap for youth with disabilities transitioning out of the education and supportive services system.” With a rising demand for independent and community-based housing options for youth with physical challenges, this report aims to provide models for solutions.

Rachel Blake and Kim Dolan contributed Section 6 of the report, a National Scan for Supportive Housing Models for Youth with Disabilities. The section addresses the range of models on a national scale that address the specific needs of youth with disabilities that are aging out of care.

Read the full report here: Housing Choice in Allegheny County