RHLS Staff

RHLS attorneys have always been able to do both development and policy work. This remains true today, and many of our attorneys work in both areas. Attorneys are listed here under the category that contains the majority of their work.


Dina Schlossberg, Esq.
Deputy Director/Senior Attorney Multi-Family Housing
Dina provides legal representation to nonprofits developing affordable housing -- with a special focus on design and development vulnerable populations. She works in our Glenside office.
Kim Dolan, Esq.
Staff Attorney
Kim provides legal representation to nonprofits engaged in affordable housing development with focus on developments that create independent living opportunities for persons with disabilities. She is based in our Glenside office.
Laura Schwartz, Esq.
Director of Economic Development
Laura Schwartz works on a broad range of projects for clients involved in community stabilization and revitalization, including the financing and commercial leasing of mixed- use developments located on commercial corridors. She is based in our Glenside office.
Judy Berkman, Esq.
Senior Counsel (volunteer)

Judy came to RHLS in 1996 with prior experience in private practice and legal services. She works on a broad range of policy initiatives and homeownership development projects, primarily focusing on large-scale developments of homeownership units for sale to mixed-income buyers.

Joe Jampel, Esq.
Staff Attorney

Joe works on affordable housing transactions and other community economic development matters. He is based in our Glenside office.

Justin Hollinger, Esq.
Independence Foundation Fellow/Staff Attorney

Justin helps community-based organizations achieve equitable outcomes in gentrifying Philadelphia neighborhoods. His focus is on projects that expand affordable housing options and promote community control of land and development, including community land trusts and affordable homeownership developments. 

Brandon McFarlane, Esq.
Staff Attorney

Brandon represents clients hoping to develop and preserve affordable housing.


Mark Schwartz, Esq.
Executive DIrector
Mark uses his extensive experience in affordable housing and community development to advocate for policies that benefit vulnerable populations.
Rachel Blake, Esq.
Associate Director
Using a diverse skill-set to solve hard problems in low-income housing policy and nonprofit capacity-building.
Bob Damewood, Esq
Staff Attorney
Bob works on a variety of housing and community development matters. His areas of concentration include HUD Section 3 (resident training, employment and contracting) and displacement-free development.
Cindy Daley
Director of Community Redevelopment Initiatives
Cindy is overseeing the Community Redevelopment Legal Assistance project to help communities hardest hit by foreclosures. Using her extensive background in community development, affordable housing, and policy, Cindy works with selected communities to help them stabilize families and neighborhoods.
Vanessa Raymond-Garcia
Policy Analyst

Vanessa has a specific focus on analyzing and advancing equitable policies in the COVID-19 response and across RHLS’s other policy goals to assist underserved communities in Pennsylvania.


Elizabeth Marx, Esq.
PULP Executive Director

Liz serves as the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Utility Law Project (PULP), and leads PULP's policy, litigation, training, technical assistance, and specialized projects in furtherance of our mission to ensure that all low income Pennsylvanians can access and maintain safe and affordable utility services in their home. She is the current Chairperson of the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services’ Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program Advisory Council, and serves as a member of the Department of Community and Economic Development’s Weatherization Assistance Program Policy Advisory Council.

Harry Geller, Esq.
PULP Senior Counsel (volunteer)

Harry serves as Senior Counsel to PULP since his retirement as PULP’s longtime Executive Director in June 2015. He continues to provide leadership, advocacy, training, consultation and support services in energy and utility matters

Ria Pereira, Esq.
PULP Supervising Attorney

Ria serves as a Supervising Attorney at PULP, where she provides legal representation, training, consultation, and support services in utility and energy matters affecting low-income residents and community organizations in Pennsylvania.

John Sweet, Esq.
PULP Senior Attorney

John serves as a Senior Attorney at PULP, where he provides legal representation, advocacy, training, consultation and support services in energy and utility matters affecting low-income residents of Pennsylvania.

Lauren Berman, Esq.
PULP Staff Attorney

Lauren serves as a Staff Attorney at PULP where she provides direct representation to consumers and legal support in utility and energy matters affecting low-income residents and community organizations in Pennsylvania.

Laura Edinger
PULP Senior Policy Analyst

Laura serves as the Senior Policy Analyst at PULP, where she evaluates and provides input on various existing and emerging policy initiatives and their impact on low income utility customers. Laura focuses her attention on Universal Service proceedings, working alongside and under the guidance of PULP’s attorneys, to ensure all Pennsylvania residents have access to life-sustaining utility services.

Kristen Geesaman
PULP Manager of Direct Services

Kristen serves as the Manager of Direct Services at PULP, where she provides advice and advocacy to individuals calling PULP’s utility hotline. She also provides training for clients and other legal aid staff on utility issues, in addition to supporting the work of PULP’s attorneys and clients.

Madilyn Keaton
PULP Energy Justice Coordinator

Madi serves as the Energy Justice Coordinator at PULP, where she works to advance just and equitable clean energy and energy efficiency policy for low income and communities of color. She also helps to coordinate PULP's coalition engagement, in addition to supporting the work of PULP’s attorneys and clients.


Phyllis Guillaume
CFO/Director of Administration
Phyllis leads our financial and administrative functions.
Anabel Genevitz
Grants & Communications Officer
Anabel focuses on communications and grant-writing.
Julian Lutz

Julian supports RHLS's legal and administrative work.

Nora Davenport
Communications and Research
Linda Mussoline
Compliance Specialist/IT Oversight and Interface/ Bookkeeper