Rachel Blake Presents at Reinventing Older Communities Conference

Rachel Blake was part of the “At the Forefront of Foreclosure” panel at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia’s fifth biennial Reinventing Older Communities Conference. Rachel presented an overview of Philadelphia’s foreclosure prevention approach, findings from RHLS’s 2011 No Place Like Home report, and information about recent developments in the field — including the increasing attention being paid to the intersection of health and foreclosure.

Slides and video will be available on the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia’s website in the upcoming weeks.

Information about the No Place Like Home report and the intersection of health and housing are available on RHLS’s website.

Also, keep an eye out for our forthcoming article on health and foreclosure in the next issue of Shelterforce.

Rachel works on policy and advocacy at RHLS. Her current work includes the intersection of housing and health, energy efficiency, and equal access to housing-related rights.