Regional Housing Legal Services (RHLS) is a nonprofit law firm with unique expertise in affordable, sustainable housing and its related components — community and economic development, utility matters and preservation of home ownership. RHLS provides innovative project and policy solutions that help create sustainable communities offering decent, safe and affordable housing for lower-income Pennsylvanians.


RHLS attorneys provide legal representation to nonprofits developing affordable housing or working to revitalize communities. We provide a full range of legal services — acquisition, financing, leasing, organizational issues, partnership, and more.

Many of our clients are leaders in developing innovative models to better serve low-income Pennsylvanians. We help our clients work through thorny issues and blaze new trails.

We have experience with multi-family and single-family development. We work on cutting-edge issues in supportive housing, housing for persons with disabilities, and fair housing.


Our attorneys analyze programs, policies, and systems identifying practical changes that can improve outcomes for low-income Pennsylvanians and the nonprofits that serve them.

Our current policy priorities are: 1) increasing resources for affordable housing; 2) advocating for utility affordability for low-income households; 3)  promoting equitable and sustainable development; and 4) advancing housing justice.

We serve on advisory committees, perform research, engage in administrative advocacy, draft reports, create manuals, and more.  If you think we could help you, please send an email to info (at) rhls (dot) org with the subject line: “policy”. Include a description of your issue and the type of assistance you need.


The Pennsylvania Utility Law Project (PULP) provides information, assistance, and advice about residential utility and energy matters affecting low-income consumers. PULP serves all of Pennsylvania. PULP is a specialized component of RHLS, and is based in Harrisburg.

Our mission at PULP is to assist Pennsylvania’s low-income residential utility and energy consumers connect to and maintain affordable utility and energy services within their homes. We help both groups and individuals who meet the income eligibility guidelines of the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network.