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  • Affordable Shelter

    RHLS works to preserve and increase the availability of affordable shelter for Pennsylvania’s very low-income and/or vulnerable populations.

  • Stable Households & Neighborhoods

    RHLS works to stabilize households and neighborhoods and preserve occupied housing by addressing practical and legal conditions that threaten long-term home occupancy

  • Comprehensive, Community-Based Development

    RHLS supports comprehensive, community-based efforts to stabilize and improve neighborhoods in a way that benefits existing low-income residents.

  • Advancing the Field

    RHLS provides services and leadership that advance the field.

Regional Housing Legal Services is a nonprofit law firm with unique expertise in affordable, sustainable housing and its related components — community and economic development, utility matters and preservation of home ownership. RHLS provides innovative project and policy solutions that help create sustainable communities offering decent, safe and affordable housing for lower-income Pennsylvanians.

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