National Fuel Gas (NFG) Corporation’s Universal Service Programs

National Fuel Gas (NFG) Corporation’s Universal Service Programs

General Information:

Where To Call?

You may directly ask about and apply for NFG’s Low Income Programs by calling 1-800-365-3234.

What Are The Names Of NFG’s Programs?

How Can These Programs Benefit Me?

  • LIRA lowers your monthly bill based on the amount of your household income.
  • LIURP helps reduce household gas use resulting in lower bills.
  • CARES connects you to local social service agencies that can help you.
  • Neighbor for Neighbor Heat Fund Assistance provides grants to stop shut-off or to reconnect service.

The LIRA Program

What are the actual benefits I can get in LIRA?

Reduced monthly payments:

  • As a LIRA customer, you will receive a sizeable discount on your ongoing gas usage. Your new LIRA bill will be based on your income level and the number of people in your house, rather than your actual gas usage. This should lead to significant savings on your bill.

Freezing past debt:

  • If you were not enrolled in the LIRA program in the past, then when you enroll, your past debt will be frozen. This means that as long as you make your LIRA payments on time and in full, NFG will not make collections on that past due amount and no fees will be applied against the debt.
  • If you are removed from the LIRA program for failing to pay your LIRA bill in full and on time, then NFG may begin collection on this amount

Forgiving past debt:

  • Your entire past due debt that is frozen when you enter LIPURP may be totally forgiven over time. 1/24th of your debt will be forgiven each month that you pay your monthly LIRA bill in full and on time. This means, if you pay in full and on time each month, your entire debt can be forgiven in 2 years.
  • If you fail to make a payment in a given month, the forgiveness for that amount is forfeited. Future forgiveness of debts will depend on the customer catching up on any missed LIRA payments.

How do I know if I am eligible for LIRA?

What are my responsibilities to get into and stay in LIRA?

  • You must contact NFG to apply for LIRA.
  • You must fill out an application and verify your income.
  • You must agree to receive LIURP services if you qualify.
  • You must pay your LIRA bill on time and in full each month.

Can I be removed from LIRA?

  • Yes, you may be removed from LIRA if you miss a LIRA payment.
  • If your household income increases above the eligibility guidelines, or you do not provide the requested annual income information, or you do not comply with program guidelines, then you may be removed from the program.

Can I get back into LIRA if I am removed from the program?

  • Yes. To get back into LIRA, you must pay all of the LIRA bills you have missed.

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The LIURP Program

What is LIURP?

  • First Energy’ LIURP helps households with high gas use levels conserve energy and reduce monthly energy bills.

How can I qualify for LIURP?

What are the actual benefits of LIURP?

  • By participating in LIURP, you may reduce the amount of energy you use each month. This will most likely result in lower monthly bills.
  • By participating in LIURP, you will receive a free home energy usage review, education to help you learn how to reduce your energy use, and the installation of energy conservation measures (i.e. the replacement of old appliances with new energy efficient ones).
  • What are my responsibilities as a LIURP participant?

    • To receive services, you must agree to submit verification of your household income as part of the application process.
    • As a participant, you must agree to allow a utility employee (or subcontractor) inspect your residence and perform an energy audit.
    • You must also agree to allow a utility employee (or subcontractor) to inspect your residence one year after the conservation measures are installed. This allows the utility to determine if the conservation measures have been cost effective and helped you to reduce your energy consumption.

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    The CARES Program

    The CARES program helps customers unable to pay their gas bills due to a temporary hardship. The CARES program connects customers with resources located in their own community. These community resources then help the customer manage his/her problems.

    How do I qualify for CARES?

    • In order to participate in NFG’s CARES program, you must have a temporary inability to pay your bill and have a low income, be a senior citizen, or have special needs.

    What are the benefits to me of participating in CARES?

    • Participants in CARES can receive free referrals to assistance agencies in the local community, such as a nonprofit organization or social service agency.
    • Participants in CARES can receive referrals to other NFG Universal Services programs.
    • Participants in CARES may receive special payment arrangements depending on their payment history and on their specific situation.

    Are there limits to participating?

    • Yes. NFG attempts to limit participation in CARES to four months.

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    The Neighbor for Neighbor Heat Fund Program

    The $ Energy Hardship Fund program provides customers with cash assistance to help pay down their outstanding balances. This program is operated by $ Energy Fund, a nonprofit partner of NFG.

    What are the benefits of applying for Neighbor for Neighbor grant?

    • If you qualify, you may receive up to $300 toward the payment of your past due utility debt.

    When can I request a grant from Neighbor for Neighbor?

    • The program is open year round.

    How do I qualify for a $ Energy Hardship grant?

    • To qualify for Neighbor for Neighbor funds, you must be 55 years or older, receiving income due to a disability or handicap, or be able to demonstrate a serious medical emergency.
    • Individuals enrolled in NFG’s LIRA program are NOT eligible to receive a Neighbor for Neighbor grant.

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