Policy Priorities

Communities and families across Pennsylvania deal with housing instability due to a shortage of affordable housing, lack of social safety net supports, and community disinvestment.

Housing instability is linked to negative outcomes in physical health, mental health, childhood development, educational attainment, and other social problems. These negatives outcomes often, in turn, feed housing instability, trapping many low-income households in a cycle that prevents them from having a stable place to call home.

Policies and programs affecting the affordable housing universe have systemic issues that perpetuate the cycle of housing instability. As such, system-wide problems require system-wide solutions.

We are actively analyzing issues and developing solutions in the following areas: affordable housing; racial equity; health & housing.

Affordable Housing

Our affordable housing policy work is focused on increasing funding for affordable housing generally, and for vulnerable populations specifically.

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Racial Equity

Our racial equity work aims to squarely address the inequities in historic and current housing policy and programs. We work to remove barriers to equal access to health, affordable housing.

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Health & Housing

Our health & housing work is focused on generating additional funding for health and housing programs, increasing the number of households able to access health & housing interventions (or with removed barriers to access)

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