Policy Staff

Mark Schwartz, Esq.
Executive DIrector
Mark uses his extensive experience in affordable housing and community development to advocate for policies that benefit vulnerable populations.
Rachel Blake, Esq.
Associate Director
Using a diverse skill-set to solve hard problems in low-income housing policy and nonprofit capacity-building.
Bob Damewood, Esq
Staff Attorney
Bob works on a variety of housing and community development matters. His areas of concentration include HUD Section 3 (resident training, employment and contracting) and displacement-free development.
Cindy Daley
Director of Community Redevelopment Initiatives
Cindy is overseeing the Community Redevelopment Legal Assistance project to help communities hardest hit by foreclosures. Using her extensive background in community development, affordable housing, and policy, Cindy works with selected communities to help them stabilize families and neighborhoods.
Vanessa Raymond-Garcia
Policy Analyst

Vanessa has a specific focus on analyzing and advancing equitable policies in the COVID-19 response and across RHLS’s other policy goals to assist underserved communities in Pennsylvania.