Will I be evicted? The CDC has placed a halt on certain evictions until March 31, 2021. If all of the following applies to you and you provide a declaration to your landlord, you could be protected from eviction from your home. Click to download the declaration. The conditions you must satisfy are as follows: 1. Have you applied for rental assistance? 2. Do you earn less than $99,000 per year or $198,000 for married couples? 3. Are you unable to pay rent due to lost income or medical expenses? 4. Are you trying to pay at least some of your rent? 5. Would eviction force you to double up with friends or family or become homeless? You must send a completed and signed copy of a declaration stating that all of the statements above are true to your landlord by email or hard copy. Each adult listed on the lease should complete the declaration.  If you have questions about your rights or are concerned about being evicted, contact your local legal aid office. Visit www.palawhelp.org/find-legal-help to find yours.