Grand Opening of the Stephen F. Gold Community Residences

Stephen F Gold Community Residences

Liberty Resources Development Corporation held the grand opening of the Stephen F. Gold Community Residences apartment building on July 29th. The residences are in the long-vacant lot at the corner of 52nd St and Poplar St in Philadelphia.  They contain 24 one-bedroom apartments that are fully accessible and integrated. Thanks to a grant awarded to Liberty in 2018 to build more accessible and affordable housing for people with disabilities, it will now house people with disabilities who would otherwise be in nursing homes.  

Funding for this development comes from the ARC of Philadelphia, RHLS jointly represented Liberty Housing Development Corporation and the ARC of Philadelphia. This was the first loan by the ARC to an affordable housing development using funds intended to assist people with disabilities, including intellectual and developmental disabilities, obtain housing in the community. This project is in keeping with RHLS’ commitment to promote health in housing as a right.   

Living independently is a crucial issue for people with disabilities. It is all too common for people with disabilities to live in nursing homes, an expensive and often isolating arrangement. In the community, most housing options are not integrated or accessible, meaning that in order to live there, persons with disabilities would need a much higher level of support. RHLS is dedicated to promoting equity in housing, and in this case, adaptive modification creates the necessary equity to people who need accessibility to live independently and with dignity.   

Affordable housing is at a premium in the US, this development is most welcome. This ecologically friendly passive design building is named in honor of long-time advocate and civil rights attorney Stephen F Gold. He is a long-time friend to both Liberty and RHLS. The Residence is intended for people with autism as well as those with physical disabilities. It is 100 percent accessible to any visitor with mobility aids as well.  

RHLS Staff Attorneys Kim Dolan and Joseph Jampel worked together on this project.