Confused about eviction in Pennsylvania? You’re not alone.

If you are worried about being evicted and looking for help, you may be seeing different dates about when that eviction could happen.

Your landlord cannot evict you without going through the proper legal processes. Even before coronavirus related shutdowns, a letter threatening eviction does not mean you have to leave your home, even if you are unsure when you will be able to pay rent again. Shutting off utilities, lock outs, or removing doors are all illegal evictions. Contact your local legal aid office if you’re experiencing any of this.

Because of coronavirus, evictions are on hold until April 30 everywhere in PA. In some counties, they may be on hold for longer. For example, Allegheny County evictions are on hold until May 8, 2020 and evictions in Philadelphia are on hold through May 31, 2020. RHLS and our partners are working to extend this statewide deadline.

Many tenants may be safe from eviction until July 25, 2020, due to protections provided by the CARES Act. However, many tenants, landlords, or property managers may not know if their property falls under these protections. RHLS and many other organizations are working on ways to make this easier to find out. This list of properties is a good, resource but may not provide complete and up to date information.

There are a few ways you can find out when your county may allow evictions again. Keep in mind, this may change again in the future.

Unfortunately, eviction holds do not stop rent from being due. If you cannot pay your rent, try to talk with your landlord to make a plan.

For rental assistance or other programs to help keep your family safe and healthy, you can call United Way’s 211 or go to to find programs active in your area. Many rental assistance programs are still preparing to launch, so more help may be available soon. You can also use assistance with food, utilities, and other basic needs to reduce other expenses you may have.

Learn more about the different eviction protections, protections for homeowners, and utilities information through the infographics on our website.

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