Celebrating the Creation and Preservation of Affordable Housing in 2015

The Regional Housing Legal Services development services team had a busy year, and we are proud to share the accomplishments of our partners. They have worked on some truly amazing, creating housing for seniors, families, veterans, youth aging out of foster care, and other low or very low-income individuals.

So often, the spaces we create are not purely units of housing, but include community space for events and gatherings, offices that provide critical services, and beautiful outdoor oases that allow residents to enjoy their neighborhoods. Many of the developments below were also constructed with the environment in mind, prioritizing efficient energy usage and innovative practices to minimize their impact. The innovative nature of these projects reinforces that “home” is not merely four walls.

Our team helped nonprofit developers all over the state break ground and bring their projects to fruition, demonstrating the dedication needed to get the deal done. We are proud to have played a role in all of them!

You can check out the blog posts describing each project in detail by clicking on the links below:

St. Francis Villa provides 40 new units of housing for seniors in the Kensington section of Philadelphia.

Twenty-eight affordable housing units were preserved at Tasker Village Apartments in South Philadelphia.

The Stephen Klein Wellness Center will provide healthcare for thousands in North Philadelphia.

Bigham Leatherberry Wise Place will help eleven families come home in West Philadelphia.

Bigham Leatherberry Wise Place provides housing for families.
Bigham Leatherberry Wise Place provides housing for families.

Uptown Lofts on Fifth Avenue is now renting 47 units of housing for youth again out of foster care and low-income workers in Pittsburgh.

Wynnefield Place Apartments will provide 48 new units of housing for seniors in the Overbrook section of Philadelphia.

Impact Services Veterans and Family Housing Center will provide 26 new units of housing to veterans and their families.

Construction commences at Goodwill at North in Scranton
Construction commences at Goodwill at North in Scranton.

Goodwill at North provides 58 apartments to seniors and preserves a community landmark in Scranton.

The Fairthorne Apartments provides 40 new residences for seniors in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia.

Mountain View Terrace provides 36 new apartments for seniors in New Holland.

The groundbreaking of Project HOME’s 810 Arch Street building began construction on 94 new units for low-income and formerly homeless men and women, at-risk youth, and seniors.

Breaking ground at 810 Arch Street.
Breaking ground at 810 Arch Street.

Plans for the construction of the Orinoka Mills Civic House in Kensington commence!

Check back for updates on each of these projects in the coming year.

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