Supportive Housing Pre-Summit; Youth Aging Out of Foster Care

Vulnerable populations have extra challenges in securing safe, decent, and affordable housing; many of them need additional supports.  Recognizing this challenge, RHLS is focusing on efforts to affordable housing for vulnerable populations. The unique value RHLS brings to the table is as clear in this work as anywhere.

We’ve already successfully worked with others to advocate for increased funding for supportive housing development in Pennsylvania (see last link in list below for more information). Now, we’re joining with allies to take on challenges tied to providing affordable, supportive housing for youth aging out of foster care. In addition to providing legal counsel on a first of its kind transaction in Pennsylvania (read more), RHLS is helping to raise awareness and interest in the special housing needs of youth aging out of foster care. Scroll down for materials you can download.

Youth aging out of foster care have significantly higher risks of homelessness, pregnancy, involvement in the justice system and lower rates of high school and college completion than youth who have not gone through the foster care system. For them, stable affordable housing is critical.


On May 29th, RHLS co-hosted the Supportive Housing Pre-Summit to the National Summit on Youth Aging Out of Foster Care.

One speaker, Larry Swanson, the Executive Director of ACTION-Housing  in Pittsburgh was on hand to discuss a first-in-the state project that is under construction in Pittsburgh. The Uptown Lofts is a design award-winning development that will have two buildings — one designated entirely for youth aging out of foster care.

Download materials from the event: