Manufactured Housing

Manufactured housing has long served as a source of affordable housing across the United States. Unfortunately, many residents are threatened with the loss of their homes through issues related to land tenure, financing and ownership of manufacture housing communities. Those residents who are not faced with loss of housing are often forced to take the burdens of home ownership (real estate taxes) without the benefits (increasing equity, stability, security).

The same threats are facing residents of manufactured housing parks in Pennsylvania. According to a report by the Center for Rural Pennsylvania issued in 2009, manufactured homes make up approximately 11% of the housing stock and are second only to single-family detached homes in Pennsylvania’s rural areas. When urban areas are included, manufactured housing makes up 5% of the state’s housing stock.


Programs in Other States


  • An Examination of Mobile Homes in Rural Pennsylvania (pdf)
  • AARP report on manufactured housing (pdf)

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