HEMAP Help Center Instructions

***We recommend you read through this entire page before you access the HEMAP Help Center.***


What is HEMAP?

HEMAP is a state program administered by the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency that provides financial assistance to qualified Pennsylvania homeowners who are in danger of losing their homes through foreclosure.

HEMAP provides loans to homeowners who can show that:

  • they are behind on their mortgage through no fault of their own, due to circumstances beyond their control; and
  • despite their problems, there is a reasonable likelihood that they will be able to resume full mortgage payments within either 24 or 36 months (length of time depends on the state unemployment rate).

Learn more about HEMAP from PHFA.


What Services Does the HEMAP Help Center Provide?

The HEMAP Help Center provides:

  • expert advice on the most important parts of your HEMAP application
  • general information about the HEMAP program
  • information about other potential sources of mortgage assistance
  • help locating a free, approved housing counselor
  • help locating an attorney, when necessary

The Help Center is designed to help you better prepare the HEMAP application that you will be submitting to PHFA.

The Help Center is not affiliated with PHFA.  Your submission to the HEMAP Help Center is not a substitute for your application to PHFA. The RHLS experts involved with the HEMAP Help Center do not work for PHFA and will not make a decision on your application.

Print out the HEMAP Help Center Full Page Flyer or HEMAP Help Center Rack Card to make sure others know about this service!

What Do I Need to Do?

We recommend that people seeking to apply for HEMAP loans do the following:

  • make an appointment with an approved housing counseling agency as soon as possible
  • meet with an approved housing counselor within 33 days of the date of your Act 91 notice
  • gather all of the required materials
  • write up your answers to the two most important parts of the application  – the statement of circumstances and the statement of reasonable prospects – using our guidelines
  • visit the HEMAP Help Center to submit your draft responses to the statement of circumstances and the statement of reasonable prospects (you can copy and paste from your word processing program or just type directly into the form.)
  • make modifications to your draft responses based on the comments from the experts at the HEMAP Help Center
  • take your revised statements and any other documentations with you when you meet with your housing counselor
  • submit the HEMAP application

What Else Do I Need to Know?

The HEMAP Help Center is not a substitute for meeting with an approved housing counseling agency or submitting your HEMAP application to the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency.  Completing the forms in the HEMAP Help Center does not mean you are sending an application to PHFA. You must meet with a HEMAP Counseling Agency within 33 days of the date of your Act 91 letter.

We hope that your application for HEMAP loan will be approved. If it is not, you have the right to appeal and to have a hearing before an administrative law judge who has not had any prior involvement in the case. If you lose at the hearing level, you have a further right of appeal to a court, which will decide the case based on the law and the record made at the prior hearing.

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