HEMAP Help Center Instructions

RHLS has made the difficult decision to cease operations of the HEMAP Help Center indefinitely. After many years of providing assistance to thousands of Pennsylvania’s homeowners, we have been pleased to find an increase in the number and types of assistance available to homeowners facing foreclosure. Given this change in the environment and the related reduction in requests for assistance from the HEMAP Help Center we have made the decision to suspend operations.

If you are facing mortgage foreclosure, or have received an Act 91 notice, please make an appointment to see a housing counselor as soon as possible. Locate an approved housing counseling agency.

What to Take to Your Appointment with a Housing Counselor

When you go to meet with your housing counselor you should bring the following:

  • Your statement of circumstances (developed with help of the HEMAP Help Center)
  • Your statement about future prospects (developed with help of the HEMAP Help Center)
  • Business financial records for the last year
  • Previous HEMAP applications, if any
  • Mortgage statement and records
  • Addresses for others on the mortgage
  • Statements for all outstanding loans
  • Tax forms for the past year
  • Alimony/child support records
  • Employment history for all family wage earners
  • Bank statements
  • Investment statements (e.g., stocks, bonds, IRAs, etc.)
  • Latest property assessment
  • Details of additional real estate holdings
  • Medical/legal bills for the last year
  • Most recent pay stub
  • A listing of your typical monthly expenses
  • Documentation of any rental income

Suggestions for Your Application

  • Headings for each separate issue —You should discuss each separate issue, using subject headings if possible (as we have done here), so that the person looking at your HEMAP application can see and understand your general situation at a glance, and then read about each issue in detail.
  • Budgets—We suggest that you prepare several budgets showing your income and expenses, to show—a) what your situation was when you first took out  your mortgage, b) how things have changed because of the problems you had, and c) how you expect things will improve within the next 36 months and enable your to resume your full mortgage payments. These would show your change of circumstances and future prospects in a very concrete way.
  • Bills, agreements, and other documents—If anything that you say can be shown or confirmed by a written document such as a bill, report or the like, you should provide a copy of the document.