Low-Income Community & Affordable Multifamily Energy Efficiency

Low-Income Community & Affordable Multifamily Energy Efficiency

Recognizing the serious need to increase the level of energy efficiency in affordable multifamily properties and in low-income communities, RHLS is working on a series of efforts designed to increase awareness of the issues, help resolve practice and policy obstacles, and bring organizations together for mutual benefit.

Issue Briefs

Part of our efforts include authoring Issue Briefs on selected topics. Our most recent Issue Briefs include:

  • Issue Brief 11-1: The Case for Targeting Energy Efficiency Improvements in Subsidized Multifamily Properties and Low-Income Communities (pdf)
  • Issue Brief 11-2: The Case for Moving Weatherization Programs to the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (pdf)

Collaborative Efforts

RHLS is also working collaboratively with a variety of partners on energy efficiency issues at the local, state, and national levels. Our current activities include:



Green Affordable Housing: Within Our Reach, David M. Abromowitz, Center for American Progress (December 2008)

Affordable Housing: Reducing the Energy Cost Burden, A.D. Lee, R. I. Chin, C. L. Marden, Pacific Northwest Laboratory for U.S. Department of Energy (1995)



Data Collection & Analysis


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