The Pennsylvania Utility Law Project LIHEAP Manual is Available for Download

The Pennsylvania Utility Law Project (PULP) LIHEAP Manual for 2017-2018 is available to download.

LIHEAP Manual 2017-2018


From the authors:

We are pleased to provide you with the 2017-2018 electronic edition of The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Pennsylvania Advocates Manual. The manual is developed and produced by the Pennsylvania Utility Law Project (PULP) for use by members of
the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network and others who assist low-income individuals. We hope that you find it to be of value to you and the members of your staff. Please feel free to copy as needed, circulate, and maintain a copy in your reference library.

The updated 2017-2018 Manual is different from earlier editions circulated in prior years. Please replace any older version. This year’s edition reflects program changes, current forms, references, website links, as well as additional issues and advocacy suggestions. The footnotes contain citations to the 17-18 LIHEAP State Plan1 and relevant legal authority for your
reference. In the Appendices, you will find contact lists and resources to assist in your advocacy.

The different aspects and components of LIHEAP often change from year to year and can be confusing to advocates and applicants. Many eligible consumers do not apply, and those who do apply often receive less than their full potential benefits. We intend this Manual to be a working reference that aids understanding of and access to the benefits provided by Pennsylvania’s LIHEAP. We value and request your input regarding the success of the Manual in meeting your needs and welcome any suggestions for modification.